How to Use Your DIY Stamping & Painting Kit

What you'll need to begin:

• A Golf Club

• A Clean, well lit working area

• A Hammer (We recommend a 3lb sledge)

• Your Kick Ass Clubs DIY Hand Stamping & Paint Fill Kit

• A Hard FLAT surface (we recommend a jeweler's anvil)

• Gloves (to keep your hands clean)

Step One

Lay your golf club on the hard flat surface.


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using double sided tape to prevent the club from moving when struck.












Step Two

Align your stamp so that it is flush to the surface of the club. Be sure that it remains flat as to prevent an uneven impression

Step Three

Use your hammer to deliver a VERY FIRM strike to the stamp. Be sure to hit the stamp square to create the best impression. Not hitting with enough power, or off center will result in a poor quality stamp.


This takes practice. Be patient, and practice many times before trying on your clubs. 

Good strikes will result in deep impressions. 

Step Four

Apply Paint. 

Using your paint markers, apply paint to your newly stamped surface, and any other surfaces you wish to color.

Step Five

Wipe away excess paint using your pre-soaked paint remover wipe.

Note* The included wipes in our kit come very saturated. We recommend letting them air dry for a few minutes before using to prevent wiping away paint in the stamped areas.

Step Six

Allow to dry overnight. Once completely dry, give the club a good cleaning. You can use a soft non-fibrous rag with some acetone.

CONGRATULATIONS! You've made your own Kick Ass Club!

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