Due to the nature of custom work on raw clubs, oxidation or rusting is possible if clubs are not properly cared for. Luckily, caring for your Kick Ass Clubs is easy! 


Follow these instructions to keep your clubs looking their best.

        1. Always wipe down your clubs after each use. Leaving moisture, dirt/mud, or                    grass on any part of your club for an extended period of time can lead to                        oxidation

        2. Clean and dry your clubs regularly. Give them a good washing with dish soap                 every few weeks.

        3. Always store your clubs dry. Do not put your clubs away damp. This will lead to               oxidation. 

        4. For the longest life, wipe your clubs down with gun oil (We use Birchwood                     Casey Barricade.) The oil will protect your clubs from dirt, and moisture and                   give them a nice clean look.  Apply oil as needed (once a month or so should be             fine.)

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