The Idea is Simple:

 Bring unique, high quality custom golf clubs and accessories to the masses without excessive costs and inflated egos. 

Kick Ass Clubs is a small operation which allows for us to work one on one with our valued clients. We consider our customers to be friends, and golf buddies. No matter how big or small the job, when you work with Kick Ass Clubs to craft your dream clubs, you'll feel like family. 

Everything We do is Done in House.

 Unlike other club customizers we don't outsource any of our work - They won't tell you, but they are charging you a premium for someone else's work (sometimes they outsource to us!)

Every refinish, restoration, laser engraving, hand stamping, etc. is done right here in our studio

Why Choose Kick Ass Clubs?

 Our goal is to earn your repeat business, and new business based on your referrals. If we don't leave you with a smile on your face, we haven't done our job. And we'll fix it every time!



Looking Forward to Working with You!

 - Peter

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